Planning the details of your wedding can be overwhelming as you think about each aspect that you want to include. From the invitations and the dress to the menu and DJ, there are a lot of things you will need to decide. When it comes to the banquet hall, you want to make sure to find a place that can offer the space and amenities that will create a celebratory and comfortable setting for your reception.

At New Psalmist Retreat, Meet & Connection Center (NPRMCC) in Baltimore, we are proud to offer a variety of wedding reception packages, as well as security and valet services. Should you choose, we also offer a number of audio visual services to enhance your reception. Contact us today to request a proposal and schedule a tour to see the variety of banquet halls and event venues we have to offer.

Plan Your Reception Layout

One of the first things you need to do when planning your reception is to consider the type of layout you will need in the banquet hall. Some of the items you need to account for include:

  • The size of the dance floor
  • Table shapes
  • The bar area(s)
  • Cocktail hour
  • Special seating for the wedding party

Creating the perfect reception is actually the culmination of a number of pieces coming together. Whether you are working with a wedding planner or taking care of things yourself, it’s not as complicated as you might think to plan a great wedding reception layout. Make sure you have a good idea of the number of guests to expect, and then start planning the ideal layout for the banquet hall. Let’s take a closer look at the specific areas you’ll need to plan for when it comes to your wedding reception.

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The Dance Floor

Once you have the dimensions of your chosen banquet room, you’ll be able to make a better decision as to where you want the dance floor to be located. Often, an established event hall will have good suggestions, but you may still want to come up with your own ideas for the size and placement of the dance floor. If there is not a permanent dance floor installed, then you have the freedom to place it where it will work best for you. Since the majority of banquet halls are rectangular in shape, there are generally two common approaches for locating the dance floor. The first option is to place the dance floor and the stage for the band or DJ either lengthwise and centered along one of the long walls. The second option is to place the dance floor and stage centered and backed up against one of the room’s short walls.

Tables and Chairs


When it comes to planning your reception, one of the most important decisions you will need to make can easily be overlooked — the chairs. It’s common not to think about the chairs as being important, but you want your guests to enjoy themselves and feel comfortable, which means that the type of chair you choose is very important. Make sure that the style of the chairs you select matches the overall aesthetic you want while also offering a good level of comfort.


Decide the size and shape you want for the tables before you begin to fill in the rest of the floor plan. Start with the table where the wedding party will sit, and make sure that this table is in the most central location possible. Not only will your guests want to be able to see you and participate in various toasts during the evening, but you’ll also want to have a great view of the band or DJ and dance floor. Once you’ve determined the type of table for the wedding party, decide whether your guests will be at round, square, or rectangle tables, as well as how many guests can be comfortably seated at each table.

Create Room for the Bar(s)

The best way to determine whether you should have more than one bar is to determine how many people you expect to have at the reception. A good guideline is to have one bar with two bartenders for every 100 people. If you are expecting 150 people at your wedding reception, then it’s a good idea to have two bars and at least three bartenders. Make sure to spread the bars out to avoid congestion and locate them away from the entrance so that your guests will walk into the banquet hall before looking for a drink.

Don’t Forget Cocktail Hour

If you choose to have a cocktail hour in the same space as the reception, you’ll want to create space to set up some cocktail tables around the bars to allow for mingling. Typically, cocktail hour is used as a way to make sure your guests are taken care of while the wedding party has their pictures taken. Guests are less likely to become impatient if they’re given the opportunity to enjoy a drink while talking with other guests. Once cocktail hour is over, the tables can easily be removed or placed next to the dance floor so guests can set their drinks down when their favorite songs are played.

Your Banquet Hall in Baltimore

At NPRMCC, we are proud to offer the second-largest banquet hall in Baltimore. Our event venue offers a number of amenities and services that are sure to make your wedding reception memorable, comfortable, and enjoyable. Be sure to check out security and valet services, as well as our audio visual services. Contact us today to schedule a tour, request a proposal, and get more information on our wedding reception packages. We look forward to helping you create a wonderful night of memories.

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