When you’re in the process of planning out all the details for your next event, there can be a lot to consider. What kind of audio/visual equipment will you need? Should you hire a caterer? How big of a room will you need? Regardless of the nature of your event, whether or not you’ll need security should be something to consider as you form your plan and budget.

New Psalmist Retreat and Meeting Center (NPRMC) is the second largest conference center in Baltimore, and we’d love to be the first venue choice for your upcoming event. Our facility features several types of rooms and halls to accommodate a variety of group sizes and we offer catering, valet parking, and audio/visual services. We can also provide event security upon request and we’re happy to discuss your event needs with you. Why might you need security? Read on to learn more!

Prevent Entry of Uninvited Guests

From wedding receptions to business meetings and social events, nearly every event will have a pre-determined guest list. Depending on the nature of the event, some lists are more strict than others, and enlisting the assistance of a professional security team can help ensure that only invited individuals are allowed entry in your event. Especially if you’re hosting a large gathering, the last thing you want to do is keep your eye on the door to monitor who’s coming and going throughout the course of the gathering.

Protect Valuable Items

There are many times when valuable items are brought into conference centers. It’s not uncommon for valuable paintings, jewelry, and other items to be featured in auctions or charity events, and it’s wise to have someone available to keep tabs on the valuable items as the event progresses. Not only will this give you peace of mind that those expensive or rare items are being protected by a professional, but it will allow your focus to remain where it’s most important: entertaining your guests!

Medical Emergencies

When large groups of people gather together, the likelihood of a guest experiencing some type of medical emergency can be an unfortunate reality. Unless your particular event is attended by a vast array of medical professionals, a sense of panic can arise if a guest suffers a heart attack, stroke, or other health issue while attending your gathering. While the security officers we supply are not trained medical professionals, they are trained to handle emergency situations with a cool head and get the necessary aid quickly.

We understand there are endless amounts of details to consider when preparing for your upcoming event. Whether you need a small room for a church luncheon or a large conference center for a business convention, the friendly team at NPRMC is here to help you however we can. Contact us today or request a proposal to learn more about our center, its amenities, and the additional services we provide. We offer on-site tours each Thursday from 11:00am to 4:00pm.

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