Here at New Psalmist Retreat and Meeting Center, we understand how stressful it can be to plan an offsite meeting. Though we think there are a great deal of benefits that come from setting up a company meeting or retreat away from the office and in a great event space like ours, the sheer idea of getting everything together and making sure everyone shows up can be daunting. Don’t worry, though, because NPRMC is here to help ease your mind. We’ve discussed what makes offsite meetings so great, but haven’t looked at the steps you can take to make planning it a breeze. Today, we’ll go over some of the best practices for planning what we call an “away game” and making your offsite meeting go off without a hitch.

Get a Head Count and RSVP List Early

Planning ahead can only help when you’re putting an offsite meeting together. From knowing what amount of space you will need, how many hotels or restaurants at which you will need to reserve blocks and tables, to ensuring you have enough brochures and supplies, a head count is an invaluable measurement to have with plenty of extra time. If you make a deadline for reserving spots for your away game and shut down sign-ups, any guests who signed up are now all but locked in. This means you will be sure to have at least the right amount of items you need, and if anyone is unable to attend or is a no-show, you will have extra items that will help if you and your event or meeting run into any snags.  

planningawaygame_blog_innerimagePick the Right Space

With a head count, you are able to choose the right amount of space for your event. If you are planning an intimate gathering for your board members or have a couple of potential investors coming into town to speak with you, choosing a smaller conference room would be more beneficial than an entire event hall. However, if you are planning a company-wide luncheon and are expecting 300 to 500 people, opting for a banquet hall like our Grand Ballroom will be much more comfortable and prevent your guests from bumping into each other during the meal. It is always better to have more space than you need, but choosing too big of a room can make your event look small and leave a bad impression, while too small of a space may cause your guests to leave early because they are uncomfortable. Keep the size in mind when making your arrangements and let us help you pick the right room for your event!

Make It Worthwhile

These events are great for your company because it means simply getting out of the office. However, luring potential clients or investors to an away game can be a challenge without the right itinerary. Inviting guest speakers or creating a two-day event that incorporates networking opportunities or a big presentation in our auditorium can elevate an event location to a destination meeting.

When you are planning an away game, trust the meeting and conference experts at New Psalmist to help you get everything squared away. From finding the right event hall for your meetings to expert catering services, we have it all. Give us a call and see what makes us Baltimore’s premier event and meeting center today!