If you’re the owner of a company or a member of management, you’ve likely planned or participated in your fair share of company events. A lot can go into the planning of business gatherings, and one of the most important factors to consider in the planning process is when the meeting or event will occur. Is the best time to gather in the morning, afternoon, or in the evening? Regardless of when you decide to host your business function, the New Psalmist Retreat and Meeting Center (NPRMC) is the leading choice for businesses in the Baltimore area that are looking for a clean and professional environment in which to host an event. Request more information today to see how our conference center can help your company! In the meantime, here is some information to help you in your planning process.

Morning Functions

As long as it’s not too early, company events occurring during the morning hours can be beneficial for a few reasons. We touched on a few of the advantages of morning meetings and gatherings in a prior article. Getting your employees or business partners together in one place at the start of the day can give your team the jumpstart it needs to take it through the remainder of the workday. It can also promote the most professionalism amongst meeting members and many people find it easier to focus in the morning than in the afternoon. Additionally, hosting a morning meeting is a great opportunity to treat your employees to a catered breakfast. At NPRMC, we offer several breakfast catering services to suit the needs of your event.

Afternoon Gatherings

If your particular company has unconventional or 24-hour operation, scheduling an afternoon gathering may be the most beneficial and convenient time for you and your employees. While morning meetings can be a challenge for employees who worked late the night before, afternoon functions will encourage participants to show up well-rested and may be best if you desire a more informal mood. When you schedule your afternoon meeting or business event at a conference center like NPRMC, you can either choose a luncheon setting where food is provided, or a mid-afternoon start time with coffee and beverages. No matter when you schedule your meeting for, our food and beverage services are flexible to meet your desired time.

Evening Events

Many people hold conferences, galas, fundraisers and other conference center events in the evening time when they want a more formal ambiance. If held outside of normal business hours, choosing an evening gathering time for your employees will ensure the undivided attention for those who choose to attend because they won’t be worrying about what calls they may be missing or what meeting is next on the agenda. It can also be a great opportunity to include the families of employees and co-workers in order to improve the balance between work and home life while enhancing the corporate culture of your business. If you’re concerned about not having enough space for your employees or clients and their families, worry no more. NPRMC has many high-occupancy rooms and meeting halls for your event!

When your next business function requires a location capable of catering services, state of the art audio/visual equipment, and/or high-occupancy rooms, consider contacting NPRMC. We are proud to be the second largest conference center within the Baltimore metropolitan area and we can’t wait to host your next event!

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