Welcome to another New Psalmist Retreat & Meeting Center blog! As your host for conventions here in Baltimore, we’re taking it upon ourselves to highlight some of the best Baltimore attractions you can visit while you’re here in town. Let’s take a look at some of the best things that Baltimore has to offer:

science-centerLearn a Lesson at the Maryland Science Center

Who doesn’t love to marvel at science? Take a trip to the Maryland Science Center and open your eyes and mind to the beauty of the world of science. Catch an IMAX movie, take a look at the current exhibits, and enjoy events. Also, spend some time in the planetarium, and get a small grasp on the massive space and cosmos that surround us. The Maryland Science Center is perfect for kids and adults alike, and it’s a wonderful way to spend a Baltimore day. Learn more about the Maryland Science Center here on its dedicated website.


libraryCheck Out the Peabody Library

Elegance only begins to describe the George Peabody Library. More than a house of books, the Peabody Library features The Stack Room, a massive, six-storied cathedral to literature. Baltimore residents love to utilize The Stack Room to host weddings. The Peabody Library is open to the public on Tuesday through Thursday from 9 a.m. til 5 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. til 3 p.m. So check out The Stack Room, check out a book, and take in the culture surrounding the Peabody Library.


zooVisit the Maryland Zoo

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Well, at least lions and bears… The Maryland Zoo houses a vast variety of animals. In a single visit, you can see mammals like the African lion, the African elephant, the chimpanzee, the warthog, the North American river otter, the zebra, the polar bear, the short-tailed bat, and the white rhino.

If you’re a fan of feathered friends, you can observe birds including the African penguin, the African spoonbill, the bald eagle, the Caribbean flamingo, the barn owl, the screech owl, the kookaburra, the ostrich, the trumpeter swan and more.

If you don’t mind scales, you can observe a variety of reptiles, including the ball python, the boa constrictor, the snapping turtle, the leopard tortoise, and several other snakes, turtles, and tortoises.

If amphibians fascinate you, you can see the bullfrog, the eastern tiger salamander, the red-spotted newt, the mudpuppy, and the Panamanian golden frog.

Learn more about the Maryland Zoo here, and set aside some time to make a visit while you’re here in Baltimore!

With the Maryland Science Center, the George Peabody Library, and the Maryland Zoo, you’re sure to stay entertained on your visit here to Baltimore. So get out, explore and learn, check out a book, and observe some of the planet’s most beautiful and bizarre animals. And remember, if you ever need a convention center to host your next event, you can always count on New Psalmist Retreat & Meeting Center. We provide premium convention center spaces right here in Baltimore. Take a look at photos of the convention center here!