Meal meetings are the quintessential business tag-up. Whether entertaining a local client over a fresh lunch or taking the team out for a hearty dinner while on the road, food and business go hand-in-hand. One meal that often gets overlooked, however, is the most important of the day: breakfast. Often, coffee meetings are reserved for interviews or mid-afternoon drop-ins, but are cast aside when thinking of client or team meetings. The New Psalmist Retreat and Meeting Center thinks you and your team should bring breakfast back into the fold. Today, we’ll take a look at the benefits of breakfast meetings and how they can help you and your associates.


Focus and Attention

Remember in grade school when your teachers said math would be the first subject in the morning because your brain was fresh and ready to go? Well, this thought process is becoming more and more prevalent when it comes to business meetings. Breakfast gatherings are gaining popularity for their ability to increase attention span and retention. Because you are fresh into your day, there is no prior business that pulls your attention from the person(s) in front of you. It eliminates the potential for midday obstacles, such as surprise meetings or continuing to exchange emails with an upset client.

Easier to Plan Around

If you are planning a networking event or a meeting involving associates from outside your company or firm, planning a lunch, dinner, or cocktail meeting can be difficult when working around multiple schedules. Someone has a meeting at noon, another person has a flight to catch at four and has to leave by one, the other’s children aren’t feeling well and they had to stay home. A breakfast meeting catalyzes the rest of the day. If you are planning a 7 a.m. meeting, the idea of breakfast and numerous cups of coffee will make an early get-together more appealing. Planning a meeting that can be catered, like the catering services we provide here at New Psalmist, will take away a great deal of stress that comes with planning a meeting or finding a lunchtime spot that is not crowded. This allows you to focus on the business in front of you.


Start the Day Off Right

A productive meeting to start your day off will put you in the best mindset possible for a quality workday. Rather than the rigmarole of spending the first hour of your day getting coffee, mapping out your to-do list, or flipping through news articles you barely care about, an event at a set meeting place or conference hall will jumpstart your ingenuity. You will be talking about important subject matter, fueling yourself, all while off-site at a beautiful conference facility, which is a great change of pace for any employee or potential client.

If you are looking for the right spot to plan your next breakfast meeting or conference, take a look at New Psalmist Retreat and Meeting Center. We provide exceptional catering services, as well as quality conference facilities, as well as smaller team rooms. Whether trying to entertain a potential new customer or trying to promote a more synergistic company culture, the spaces here at New Psalmist are exactly what you need. Give us a call or stop by and see what makes us the best meeting and conference center in the Baltimore area!