We recently discussed the benefits your company or group can find when planning a breakfast meeting or event. While there are some obvious positives, many may be curious how to approach a breakfast that is meant to open networking opportunities, rather than one for your company. Networking is a crucial component of any business career, regardless of your specialty or area of practice. Whether it is in a small meeting space or a large event hall, a breakfast networking event is a great option to open up new possibilities and conveniences for busy professionals, and today the New Psalmist Retreat and Meeting Center team wants to give you some tips on how to best utilize a breakfast event to grow your network.


Less Eating, More Conversing

The nature of breakfasts in a social setting lends itself to lighter fare and less indulgence. You may be less likely to go for the eggs benedict and instead choose fresh fruit and yogurt, especially if the catering provides a more focused menu with fewer options. With less emphasis on the meal, you free yourself to make conversation and mingle. Rather than restricting yourself to a seat and trying to speak between bites of biscuits and gravy, a smaller meal presents more opportunities. Coffee meetings are continually growing in popularity, so treat a breakfast networking event in the same way by having a little less to eat and handing out more of your business cards.


Avoid the Alcohol

Often the after work happy hours, regardless of it it’s a corporate event at an event hall or at the local bar, involve alcoholic drinks. When doing this, you rely on the need for another drink to escape a conversation at a dead end, as well as toeing the line of potentially having one too many and ruining the great first impression you had made. Breakfast meetings will (for the most part) be free of alcohol, save for the occasional mimosa. Removing alcohol is almost like removing networking training wheels, forcing you to get out of your comfort zone and instead get up and move throughout the meeting space and introduce yourself. Who knows, this could give someone the impression you need to land a new job.


Less Likely to be Forgotten

When you start the day, you have yet to be inundated with the buzz of everything on your agenda. Instead, your mind will be clear and ready to converse, connect, and make impressions. You will be more memorable to people because of this, and you will be more likely to remember the folks you interact with as well. Starting your day off with a good first interaction can pay dividends down the road, all because you networked over breakfast rather than dinner or cocktail hour.
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