Sometimes, working in the same office day-in and day-out can get monotonous for everyone in an organization. If you and your team are due for a meeting, whether company-wide or simply for a team or board, planning a meeting at a new locale can be highly beneficial for everyone involved. The New Psalmist Retreat and Meeting Center has some suggestions for why you should consider moving your next important company gathering to our location and how it can benefit your organization.

meeting-offsiteMixing Things Up

Monotony is an enemy of productivity. If you are having meetings in the same building, same floor, or same room for months or years at a time, the expectations can plateau. Rather than anticipating new, exciting, and fresh interactions that will lead to innovations and progress, these meetings can instead become stale, boring, and a chore rather than an opportunity. Changing venues allows employees, as well as the higher-ups, to be invigorated by the new scenery. Allowing the restraints of an office to be removed can lead to bigger and better things.

No Normal Office Restrictions

Working in an office often means there is a hierarchy or power structure. The higher-ups who often make the decisions are not usually infringed upon by the new hire, which establishes some potentially unnecessary boundaries. In a new setting, you have an opportunity to remove the structures and norms associated with corporate life and allow a free-flowing sharing of ideas and thoughts. Whether it is a brainstorming session, critique of upper management, or something else, removing the office has the chance to give those who are hesitant to speak up at your locale a chance to make their presence and ideas known.

Socializing is Okay

Yes, this sort of meeting or retreat is meant to be business. However, the rigidity of the day-to-day can limit or entirely eliminate the ability for coworkers to socialize and get to know each other on any sort of personal level. An offsite meeting introduces the ability to socialize, whether it be between meetings and events or over a catered lunch. We have intimate meeting rooms that allow coworkers to be in close proximity and interact differently than they would in their everyday setting.

cateredA Good Meal is Nothing to Overlook

It can be hard to find the time for a good meal during the workweek. Packing lunches can be a time-consuming morning chore, and going out can often put you under another time constraint. Offsite meetings are often improved with a catered meal, which our event center is proud to provide if the occasion calls for it. Sharing a meal with coworkers can boost morale and allow those from different departments a chance to interact when they otherwise would not.

It can be daunting to plan an offsite event for your company. The professionals at NPRMC are here to take the stress out of planning. With a great selection of meeting rooms and event halls, we are proud to provide the best meeting and conference services in Baltimore. Give us a call to schedule your event today!