photo_blog1If you are on the board of directors or hold a high position in your company, you may find yourself constantly in meetings. From check-ins with the people you manage to collaborative sessions with the other members of the board, you are constantly running through the motions just to keep up. The meeting rooms all start to look the same, and you give into habit just so the meeting will end rather than finding constructive things to add. What if, instead of dealing with the same old conference room and agendas, you and your group of directors found a way to make your meetings fresh and exciting? Here at New Psalmist Retreat and Meeting Center, we think we have a great solution: an offsite meeting for your company’s executives. We want to give you some reasons why this idea can really improve your small meetings and be more productive and lucrative for your business.

Neutral Site

When in the office, it is easy to establish and understand the hierarchy. No matter how much a company may try to stress the non-existence of a ladder and solidarity among all employees, there must at least be a boss and some chief officers. When you sit down in the conference room, it is clear who is leading the meeting and some junior members or new hires might be deterred from speaking up, whether it is because of fear of overstepping, job preservation, or otherwise.

However, when you take the meeting offsite and into one of our meeting spaces or conference centers, you immediately remove the stigma that comes with the typical boardroom atmosphere. Doing this will allow you to encourage anyone and everyone to have their say, regardless of seniority or position. Rather than adherence to the norms of the company building, a foreign meeting room eliminates hierarchy and job titles, meaning everyone will feel comfortable and ready to speak freely. Who knows, the newest member of your team may have the next big product idea!

photo_blog2Mix It Up

As we’ve said before, monotony is the enemy of a productive and innovative workplace. When your meetings take place in the same conference halls or meeting rooms every day or week, you become comfortable in complacency. Maybe your lunch meetings consist of the same several options that just rotate in and out, or maybe you’ve been sitting in the same chair with the same view of the same parking lot and you simply can’t think in that position. At NPRMC, we think have plenty of rooms on a beautiful campus in Baltimore that will not only inspire creativity, but will shatter that complacency lens you may now be accustomed to looking through.

New Psalmist Retreat and Meeting Center is more than just a space to have an event or a luncheon. It is a way for you to mix things up and breath life into your stale business routines. When you are ready to plan the best offsite meeting your company executives have ever seen, get in touch with us. NPRMC is Baltimore’s premiere meeting and conference facility and we are excited to help you plan your next event!