Meetings are crucial for the functionality of any business. Whether you run a small local business or a large corporation, there are a number of items that need to be discussed on a regular basis to make sure that everything continues to run as smoothly as possible.

At NPRMC, we are proud to be the leading conference center in the Baltimore area, and can offer a wide variety of meeting rooms and conference halls to benefit your company. Continue reading to learn some of the important differences between virtual meetings and face-to-face meetings, and call our conference center today to schedule your free tour.

Benefits of Virtual Meetings


One of the most obvious benefits of a virtual meeting is the convenience. People do not need to leave their workstation to go to the meeting, and if they work from home, then they can easily join the meeting via their phone or mobile device.

Save Time and Money

Remote workers won’t need to worry about travel planning or spending money to get to the meeting. Employees who may be working on a project in the field can also be part of the meeting without having to leave the job site, which saves your company time and money.

Benefits of In-Person Meetings

Clear Communication

While there are some benefits to virtual meetings, they don’t completely outweigh the value of clear communication. In spite of major advances in communication technology, there are still numerous problems that simply don’t occur in face-to-face meetings.

For example, people who are sitting in one environment while trying to participate in another are more likely to be distracted by things happening around them, which can lead to miscommunication and lost time.

Build Trust

When you meet with other people face-to-face, you are able to read their facial expressions and body language in a way that virtual meetings simply cannot compete with. The instant feedback that you get from in-person meetings is vital to building stronger relationships and establishing trust.


Collaborating with one another is much easier in person where you can brainstorm ideas and provide visuals that are instantly shareable and easily viewable. Whether you choose to write on an erasable surface, project images on a screen, or hand out samples, a face-to-face meeting allows you the flexibility to work together as a team in a way that virtual meetings can’t.

Benefits of Meeting Rooms at NPRMC

As you can see, there are definite benefits to both virtual meetings and face-to-face meetings. At NPRMC, we understand that ultimately, the best meeting is one where everyone is able to be present whether digitally or in person. We are proud to offer the audio visual services that you need to host effective meetings. Whether you will be able to have all of your employees meet in-person in one of our meeting rooms or conference centers, or whether you need to provide access for some to join in digitally, we can help. Call today to request a proposal, and let us know how we can help your company get the most out of your next meeting.